About Me

about meHey! I’m Olivia, a 20-year-old, scatterbrained, food lover, and mental health activist (among other things).

If you like to eat, occasionally bite off more than you can chew, and might describe your aesthetic as aspiring wine mom in desperate need of a trip to Target , then this is the blog for you.

My mental health struggle has been long and difficult, in fact it still is basically every day. I hope that hearing my story and having some resources here will be helpful for others and if not then I’ll just scream into the void that is the internet and y’all can just disregard me cause I’m gonna write even if no one’s listening.

I truly believe food is an art form and I’ll fight anyone who says different. Just like any other art form an artist never feels their piece is perfect and I take solace in that when I royally fuck something up in the kitchen ( aka most of the time). This blog is for sharing, problem solving, and (hopefully) teaching you how to avoid my mistakes.

I’m not an expert in any of these categories by any means but I’m excited to share my process and learn right along side you.